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Review of Pathak and sui Dhaga movies

Review of Pathak and sui Dhaga movies


Sab badhiya hain’. That is the focal point through which Mauji (Varun Dhawan) sees life taking care of business or most exceedingly bad. Be it his crabby dad (Raghuvir Yadav) who supposes he is useful to no end or his scarcely existent association with his significant other Mamta (Anushka Sharma) or his smart supervisor; in Mauji’s territory, ‘Sab badhiya hain


Until the point when one day at his manager’s child’s wedding when Mauji is subjected to mortifying conduct to get few giggles from the visitors, his significant other Mamta’s tormented articulation abandons him anxious. Words are traded. Mamta approaches him to defend his dignity. Before long, Mauji leaves his activity and chooses to utilize his fitting cleaves as a methods for living. Mamta delicately controls him to begin his own fitting business and influences him to understand the intensity of sui-dhaaga to change their predetermination. Be that as it may, who says it would be all simple?


Sharat Katariya’s skill for residential area stories reflects adequately in Sui Dhaaga which has the aroma of genuine India. He gives you access inside the beguiling white collar class family where the mother is more worried about filling water in cans than her evil wellbeing, where the dad child contend for a daily paper and where the spouse doesn’t neglect to disclose to her hubby, ‘Aate waqt dabba zaroor wapas leke aana.’ His characters are relatable appropriate from the word ‘fo’. While Sui Dhaaga-Made In Love harps on effortlessness, the conflicting screenplay brings forth some dreary minutes that could have been effectively modified. Further, the peak seems to be bit unconvincing. Prior to that, Sharat falls prey to the standard tropes, so you have a tumbling off a cycle, taking a shot at a sewing machine with a draining foot to build up Mauji-Mamta’s battle


Much the same as its name, Pataakha is hazardous ideal from the primary scene itself. A tight close-up shot of two young ladies showering each other with swear words is appeared. A long time cruise by, however these two sisters and their condemnations for one another decline to assume a lower priority. While they are named after blossoms, Champa otherwise known as ‘Badki’ (Radhika Madan) and Genda otherwise known as ‘Chutki’ (Sanya Malhotra), they are definitely not dainty and mild. With their pile hair, harsh and coarse, not all that magnificent whites recolored with smoking beedis and dingy dialect, the young ladies are combustible and unbashed and can start up a ruckus without a moment’s notice. Their dangerously sharp tongue heave acidic words at one another at supersonic speed and ‘gobar-battles’ are no major ordeal. In the interim, there’s their meddling neighbor named Dipper (Sunil Grover) who never passes up on a chance to start off a war between the two sisters.


1.5 cr sui Dhaga


1 cr f Pataka

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